Bride Discovers Her Venue is a Pokemon Go Hot Spot

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Bride Discovers Her Venue is a Pokemon Go Hot Spot
Fri 22-07-2016

The Pokemon Go craze is taking over the world, and it is making its way even in weddings!

One bride found she was even haunted by the location-based game on her big day.

Elizabeth Corps, from Chessington, quickly discovered that her wedding venue was a Pokemon Go gym, a place where gamers go and declare battle with fellow players.

As a result, dozens of guests were found playing away on their phones during Elizabeth's ceremony and reception, with screen grabs showing how bridal scenes became blurred with virtual reality.

In one shot the character Bulbasaur watches the bride arriving at the reception, stepping out of the car in her bridal gown.

In another image, a computer-generated 'Pidgey' takes a closer look at the wedding cake.

Elizabeth said that she even had trouble keeping her new husband, Joe Whiddett, away from his phone.