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Bride Sells Wedding Gear Online for a Heartbreaking Reason

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Bride Sells Wedding Gear Online for a Heartbreaking Reason
Tue 15-03-2016

Sarah Williams from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and George got married in a 'wonderful' ceremony in 2011 - but now everything is over.

The story began after Sarah found a love letter from her husband to his mistress, signed 'your Mr Grey'.

The 32-year-old is selling everything from her wedding day after she had discovered a letter from her spouse to his secret lover hidden in his work bag.

She created an advertisement on Facebook saying that she wants to sell her wedding gear which includes her wedding dress, her diamante-encrusted headband and her engagement and wedding rings.

Sarah told mirror newspaper: "I really want to sell the items from my wedding day to George so I can move on with my life".

She added: "We married two years after we first met, I thought we were going to be together for the rest of our lives".

 She told the newspaper that she was looking for a screwdriver so she thought it might be inside her husband's work bag.

"I was heartbroken. It was all about how amazing this woman was, how excited he was about the future with her and how it was the first of many birthdays they'd spend together".

She vowed to get rid of everything that might remind her of him and the wedding, and decided to make some cash and go on a trip with her 3 children.

Once finances have settled down, she will file for a divorce.

Source: Mirror UK