Bride Suffers From Severe Allergic Reaction Due to Bouquet

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Bride Suffers From Severe Allergic Reaction Due to Bouquet
Sat 23-12-2017

A bride's wedding day almost got ruined because she suffered a serious allergic reaction to the bouquet she had handpicked to carry down the aisle. Christine Miller, who unknowingly had added snow-on-the-mountain flowers to her bouquet, woke the morning of her wedding to a bumpy rash and swollen eyes.

“I was the scariest-looking person at my wedding,” Miller told Inside Edition. “I was in so much pain. Nobody knew what to do.”

The trouble started the night before, as she and her bridesmaids worked to put the finishing touches on the floral arrangements. The next morning, she washed her face and began suffering from the reaction, which is comparable to poison ivy.

Miller continued to get ready and went through with the ceremony to marry her fiance, Jon, before the newlyweds rushed off to the hospital to find relief.

“She was struggling to keep her eyes open, they were constantly watering and she just looked miserable,” Miller’s groom said.