Bulgari Releases New Leather Goods and Accessories Collection

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Bulgari Releases New Leather Goods and Accessories Collection
Wed 05-07-2017

Stars, dots, graphism,  studs and multi-color explosions bring to life the Bulgari Fall Winter 2017 Accessories Collections.

The overall mood channels a free-spirited energy, subtle rock vibe and artsy touch that flow liberally, enhancing a Seventies-inflected attitude that fully reflects the lifestyle and dynamic disposition of today’s divas and celebrities.

Cutting-edge details, iconic and new symbols, innovative shapes and graphic combinations define a luxurious yet contemporary glamour defined by Bulgari’s longstanding crafting virtuosity, resplendent in an overarching color palette sparked by the intensity of  its gem stones -  ruby wine, forest emerald, linen agate, vulcan opal, desert quartz and jazzy tourmaline. 

Stars and polka-dots, symbols of yore steeped in tradition, history and a rich imagery, which  have spawned endless variations on the theme, appear as irresistible emblems of modern and seductive luxury. Reinterpreted with bravado in true Bulgari style, they characterize the new season where legacy and immediacy blend harmoniously, crowned by Bulgari’s unique jewelry heritage as the master of gemstones.

Anchoring the collection are two main codes - the iconic SERPENTI, characterized by its hypnotic hallmark, a gleaming gold-plated enamel serpent’s head or scales, and the new DIVA’S DREAM  styles - in all their sophisticated and on-trend glory.  


Capturing the magnetism, charisma and timeless beauty of the true diva, Bulgari continues to pay homage to a house specialty – the DIVA’S DREAM jewels - with ever-evolving renditions infused with inventiveness and sensual appeal. Inspired by the mosaics of ancient Rome and a testament of Bulgari’s heritage, the sinuous fan shape of the jewels is reimagined as an exclusive clasp that adds a distinctive element to the bags for confident, inspiring and glamourous women.     

Practical and elegant, the new DIVA’S DREAM shoulder bag is totally on trend, adorned with the signature fan-shaped foldable closure in tonal enamel to match the color of the bag. The ultimate everyday bag, its chain-and-leather strap adds a personalized classic-meets-bold touch.


Quintessentially Bulgari in terms of workmanship, the structured black QUILTED DIVA in soft nappa leather reveals its tougher side. Boasting three layers of prized leather and dotted with  multi-faceted palladium metal studs, it conveys an ultra-modern and urban attitude. Available in two sizes and three colors: black, linen agate and jazzy tourmaline.

Similarly, the MOTTLED PYTHON DIVA is lush and exotic, each bag treated differently and hand-polished using an agate stone to exalt the natural livery of the skins and its unique chiaroscuro effects. In black and silver or antique bronze and white agate, forest emerald and gold, jazzy tourmaline and black,  the mottled python version is the result of the highest form of craftsmanship that sets off a rich glossy finish, enhanced by a liquid metal foil that is meticulously hand applied. Perfect for any occasion, from sunup to nightfall.


Inspired by its rich Roman past, Bulgari created the first SERPENTI in the 1940s, its bejeweled head, evocative of the scales of a snakehead, becoming an unmistakable  emblem of inventiveness. A seductive symbol of wisdom and vitality that dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, over the decades Bulgari has revisited this hallmark in countless variations. In 2016, in fact, the SERPENTI FOREVER was enriched with a new family of designs, including an entirely new geometry for its sculpted snakehead, inspired by Bulgari’s iconic High Jewellery pieces.    

This modern, hypnotic and geometrical interpretation also serves as the clasp of the new STAR STUDS motif, where a lively mix of elements such as embroidered and laser-cuts semicircles, rhombuses and triangles, plus star-shaped studs, is exalted by the contrasting color and metallic accents of the leather body. SERPENTI STAR STUDS is available in black, white agate and jazzy tourmaline.


From couture to ready-to-wear, fashion’s love affair with polka dots harkens back to the Twenties when Golden Screen divas first embraced this pattern with irreverent confidence and unabashed femininity. In that vein, the ELAPHE POLKA DOT bag bursts with graphic and artsy prowess, striking a techno chord in two flamboyant color combinations – jazzy tourmaline and ruby wine or Vulcan opal with royal sapphire.

The bestselling CALF LEATHER bag is enriched this season with new colors -  Vulcan opal, forest emerald, ruby wine, jazzy tourmaline and linen agate. Ideal for fast-paced everyday agendas, its clean architectural shape further sets off the signature snake scales motif while the contrasting edges create a tridimensional effect. At once elegant and trendy, it speaks to women who beg to differ.

The saucy glossed BRUSHED METALLIC CALF leather in forest emerald and Vulcan opal is the result of a labor-intensive process that includes 16 colorations in order to obtain the perfect final sheen and the “nuvolato” effect, a play on light and dark nuances that adds depth and liveliness.  

This season’s jazzy tourmaline, royal sapphire and ruby wine QUILTED SCAGLIE where the scales pattern gains a new dimension via intricate quilting, meticulously studied and painstakingly crafted to create a precise symmetry and harmonious balance between the scales and the chevron pattern.  The chain strap and decorated snake-head clasp add a touch of textured opulence and glamour, effortlessly rising to any occasion.

Truly innovative and totally trend-friendly, QUILTED STARDUST is the result of a first-ever technique developed by Bulgari for which the quilted effect is obtained with micro studs, masterfully applied with a miniature invisible screw in the back. With striking rigor and edge, they trace a graphic pattern across the supple leather of this unique shoulder bag available in two shapes, in linen agate and hawk’s eye grey.

As evening descends and the lights go up, the SMOKY GALUCHAT shows off its sultry sparkle. The degradé gray shades are obtained with hand-painted dexterity, elevated by a “diamond effect” and by a silver glitter sprinkled on the surface of the precious leather.

On a similar chromatic note, the SILVER PYTHON shines in all its shimmering and exotic splendor thanks to a liquid silver foil that is manually spread onto the skin, setting off an intense and sumptuous elegance, from the red carpet to the concrete.


SERPENTI VIPER is the latest addition to the snake family, inspired by the compact build of vipers and the triangle-shaped head that characterizes the different varieties. The signature snap closure is the perfect combination between enamel scales and two malachite stones on the sides.

The new SMOOTH CALF LEATHER in black and linen agate, linen agate or Vulcan opal, often in contrasting combinations, is cobbled from premium smooth and luxurious leather with a beautiful natural shine.

The sparkle of the newest silver and antique bronze colorations on the GRAIN CALF LEATHER creates a perfect contrast with the finest small-grain leather used to craft them. Precious and flawless, this bag with top handle and double flap strikes a balance between form and function with a flash of shimmer.  

Further elevating the glam factor, the SCAGLIE GEMS version is enriched with scale-shaped decorations in black enamel, framed in pink gold metal, artfully nestled to evoke the “back cut” scales pattern of precious python skins. The black enamel stands out against the hawk’s eye, ruby wine, royal sapphire and linen agate leather.

For a pop of disco dash, the PSYCHEDELIC PYTHON brims with irreverence, liveliness and personality. Entirely hand-painted by skilled artisans according to a complex and delicate process, up to six different hues create powerful blurry effects in zircon bay and linen agate,  ultimately teeming with a one-of-a-kind attitude.  


In precious silk and cashmere, the new Bulgari scarves and stoles for Fall/Winter 2017 are lively and unique, each one a piece of contemporary art designed by great artists and transformed by the hands of great artisans. A flurry of patterns and a vibrant pop color palette of fuchsia jazzy tourmaline, turquoise zircon bay and gold counterpointed by black, white and gray, define the new season infused with an authentic Bulgari stamp.


Inspired by the figurative arts, the main themes are personalized iconic house symbols such as the serpent and the Diva fan-shaped pattern, alongside stars, dots and an Eden garden with its profusion of swirling geometries.   



The 2017 Fall Winter Eyewear collection is an ode to iconic symbols reimagined with cutting-edge designs, trendy shapes and a fashion-driven color palette.

The SERPENTI theme is embellished with enameled scales that slither across the front, on the top or along the brow line of shield-style frames with ultra-flat lenses and rounded acetate styles featuring cat-eye shaped lenses. Contemporary, seductive and young, with a hint of street style, each pair is characterized by a play on contrasting geometries, distinctive elements and a modern chromatic allure of matte, mirror and shine.

Quintessentially Bulgari and widely recognized as a house specialty, shield-style sunglasses in particular are reinvented to embody the latest cutting-edge trends that further state the brand’s modernity.


All Bulgari Jewelry eyewear designs are a feast of feminine and rich decors with volumes and proportions that meticulously retrace the jewelry creations.

More specifically, the DIVAS’ DREAM sign is interpreted to coddle women with wide-spanning personalities, from exuberant to understated but always chic. The DIVAS’ DREAM cat-eye metal and enamel sunglasses feature a sumptuous floral decoration that blossoms with hand-set crystals. The acetate and metal bridge frames of similar shape blend retro nostalgia with high-wattage diva charm thanks to a crystal and a fan-shaped enamel element on the arm.    


Typically, the sleek and clean-cut silhouette of the oversized rounded BVLGARI BVLGARI sunglasses, complete with on-trend oversized round lenses, sets off the crystal decorations while maintaining an easy-to-wear and lighthearted disposition when wearing a longstanding logo. 

A cross road of jewelry and eyewear, LE GEMME collection boasts a wear-forever appeal that is at once lavish and contemporary. The highest standards of crafting skills are required to bring to life each pair with a gold plated rounded rim and arm, peppered by color gemstones.

The bold and eye-catching combination of gold plated metal and rich acetate, sparked up by the twinkling malachite eyes nestled in the multi-faceted Serpenti head, makes the LE GEMME SERPENTI sunglasses a true standout accessory with a striking seductive and hypnotic power.