Bulgari Reveals Rose Goldea Fragrance

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Bulgari Reveals Rose Goldea Fragrance
Mon 03-10-2016

Bulgari unveils Rose Goldea – the new tribute to femininity combining passionate rose and sophisticated musks into a blend of desire.

Inspired by the iconic serpenti design, Rose Goldea is a bold jewel of seduction.

Rose Goldea is in keeping with a strongly seductive perfume tradition, one that evokes pleasure and enchantment.

To wear the perfume is a gesture of beauty, an act of love whose messenger is the fragrance. A perfume whose olfactory power reveals the presence of a woman well before the other senses, and which leaves in its wake more than the memory of its passing. It is reminiscent of the beauty rituals of Egyptian women who drench their garments with perfume and wear necklaces threaded from aphrodisiacal , aromatic seeds.


“Creating Rose Goldea has been an extraordinary adventure because we wanted to interpret the emotional dimensions of one delicate flower: Damascena rose, the most prestigious of roses. The fraction I used of Damascena rose actually doesn’t smell like a classic rose: here, I wanted to illustrate the very natural freshness, youthfulness and luminosity of the flower with the more translucent notes of musk. Rose Goldea is the eternal essence of femininity with an extension of Goldea in the fullness of its musky notes – it is a different facet of the same woman. It embodies royalty and gold, and reflects a woman who is almost unattainable. Yet at the same time she is also fulfilled at home, in her garden or on her royal boat, like an enamoured version of Cleopatra. Rose Goldea evokes the eternal beauty that all women even to this day pursue, bringing associations of nature and freshness into a very contemporary and feminine trail.” Alberto Morillas, Master-Perfumer