Bulgari Unveils New Collection Of High Perfumery

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Bulgari Unveils New Collection Of High Perfumery
Tue 24-05-2016

On an exotic caravan across the globe, Bulgari explores a majesty of oriental perfumes in LE GEMME IMPERIALI. Steeped in millennia of tradition, Rome has shared the throne of ancient history with East Asia, celebrating rich traditions and cultures that today season Bulgari’s LE GEMME collection.

LE GEMME IMPERIALI is a tribute to the emblematic stones of the Far East, melding the royalty of imperial China to the rich essence of the Italian jeweler, and creating a collection of three floral perfumes inspired by the exquisite stone of jade.


The original LE GEMME collection began as six colorful fragrances, each representing a symbolic gemstone both rare and rich. With passion for the exceptional materials of nature, Bulgari set off on a journey around the world to find the finest of raw materials. Founded upon its Greek and Roman roots, the designs of the jeweler-perfumer are born under its Mediterranean sun; with LE GEMME IMPERIALI, Bulgari sets on the Orient.

A chorus composed of six concertos, each LE GEMME scent corresponds with a stone of the Earth to recount a gemstone piece of Bulgari’s history: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Peridot, Citrine, and Moonstone. In 2015, Bulgari honored the Arabian Peninsula, the golden birthplace of spice and scent, with LE GEMME ORIENTALI and its topaz-inspired Zahira, carnelian Selina, and lapis Lazulia. Today Bulgari introduces three notes of precious jade inspiration, as olfactory versions of the stone – green Splendia, white Irina, and purple Desiria – tracing the map of Asia with their alluring fragrances, and the stops along the gemstone road of LE GEMME IMPERIALI.