Canadian Couple Invites 1000 Cats to Their Wedding

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Canadian Couple Invites 1000 Cats to Their Wedding
Thu 26-05-2016

A couple from Canada had a cat lover's dream wedding.

The couple invited 1000 cats to their unique wedding!

Dominic Husson and Lousie Veronneau traveled to California for their nuptials, and the only other human there was  an officiant.

The Sacramento Bee reported that they tied the knot at The Cat House, a feline charity populated by scores of cats and kittens.

The Cat House is California's largest cage-free, no-kill haven for cats, and it looks like paradise.

“I feel in love,” Veronneau told KFSN News. “I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing.” 

The married couple have been together for three years, and count a love of animals among their shared passions and values.