Celebrate Life With Liali’s New Joie De Vivre Collection

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Celebrate Life With Liali’s New Joie De Vivre Collection
Tue 03-05-2016

Creating timeless pieces that reflect upon a celebration called ‘Life’; Liali, region’s leading jeweler has unveiled an all new line-up of fascinating designs in gold and diamond jewelry that captures the cheerful spirit of life.

Indulge in Liali’s joyful collection of gold and diamond necklace sets and bangles, to make it a token of your life’s happy moments. A statement of style and symbolic of life being a celebration, the entire collection will mesmerize you with its underlying ethos and philosophy of rendering eternal joy in everyday living. Available in all the three different forms of gold to reflect sheer brilliance from the tenderness of rose gold, the understated elegance of white gold, to the timelessness of yellow gold; the entire collection is conceptualized in line with the philosophy of ‘Joie De Vivre’.

liali Jewelry Pearl

Combining an array of hues from life’s celebratory moments, pick your taste for exquisite craftsmanship in the collection’s necklace sets that sparkle with diamonds and depict grace. Charming Bangles studded with precious stones and diamonds possess luminous quality that will outshine you in a crowd.

The idea of pristine craftsmanship, quality of collection and affordability factor reflect upon the joy of living through mesmerizing designs.


Speaking about the collection Mr Anuraag Sinha, M.D. Liali Jewelry said; “For ages now, we have associated jewelry with celebratory occasions and moments of togetherness. But, if we only realize that the joy of living is through living the beauty of creativity, it allows us infinite happiness in whatever situation we are. Our ‘Joie De Vivre’ campaign reflects upon this ethos with grandeur and grace. The designs, magnificence and affordability factors wade through the collection to bring together ‘Joie De Vivre’ moments.”


With prices beginning at AED 15000 for diamond necklaces, AED 3600 for earrings and AED 2800 for bangles, the entire collection is now on display at all Liali showrooms across UAE, Oman & Bahrain. Visit your nearest one today!