Couple Tells Their Love Story Through Legos

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Couple Tells Their Love Story Through Legos
Mon 25-04-2016

Animator Kevin Ulrich found an adorable way to tell his and his fiance Celina Frenn’s love story, with Legos, and in less than 73 seconds.

“I wanted to do a Lego video of my love story to surprise Celina,” Kevin told BuzzFeed.

he video starts with Lego Celina dazzling Lego Kevin with her enthusiasm for swords and Lord of the Rings, right after Kevin vows not to date a coworker.

They hung out as friends, bonding over things like Disneyland and Harry Potter, which as the video shows, made Kevin realize that, “Dang it, she’s perfect.”

Kevin included many real-life moments in his video, like when he asked her out in a tree.

It took Kevin about 70 hours over the course of a week to put together the masterpiece, an impressive feat given its special effects and overall sweetness.