Couple's Honeymoon Turned to Disaster in Sharm El Sheikh

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Couple's Honeymoon Turned to Disaster in Sharm El Sheikh
Sun 17-01-2016

A couple were left devastated after their dream luxury honeymoon turned into a nightmare.

Despite the Sharm El Sheikh resort having a 4 star rating, Stacey Wilson, 24, and her husband Marc, 28, claim that the toilets weren't always clean and there was a smell of sewage around the pool.

The couple said that some of the food served in the restaurant of the Egyptian resort appeared, on occasions, to be re-used at meal times later in the day!

The couple travelled to Egypt with their six-year-old daughter, Ayvah Taylor-Bowes, in September 2015, to celebrate their nuptials the month before.

But just days after arriving at the luxury Coral Sea Aqua Club Stacey began to suffer with diarrhoea, nausea and stomach cramps, followed by vomiting.

Her symptoms were so severe that she couldn't stray far from the hotel room which meant she couldn't make full use of the hotel's leisure facilities.

Due to her symptoms persisting she even had to visit the hotel clinic, where she was placed on an IV drip to re-hydrate her and given antibiotics to help relieve the symptoms.

And now, over three months since returning home, she is still suffering.

Stacey spoke about her experience:

'This holiday should have been a time to celebrate our wedding with our daughter, but it was completely ruined by the illness that I suffered.

'I spent days staying close to my room due to the awful symptoms, which meant I couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked to with my husband or daughter.

'We've been left devastated by this experience and it was the worst holiday that we have ever been on.'