Crazy Details About Mariah Carey's Wedding

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Crazy Details About Mariah Carey's Wedding
Mon 08-08-2016

Mariah Carey is opening up and revealing the secrets of her wedding on her reality show titled Mariah’s World!

According to the new trailer for the series. In the clips, we see Mariah Carey trying on an unsurprisingly skintight and sparkly wedding dress and discussing very important details of her upcoming union with James Packer, “joking” to a planner on the phone that she’d like to have white tigers and albino elephants present at the celebration.

In one trailer for Mariah’s World, we hear Carey explaining to someone on the phone that this is “the most important event that’s ever happened.” Sounds like she’s going to be putting a lot of effort into her third wedding, as “traditional” as she’s said she’d like to keep it. 

There could be white tigers, albino elephants, and maybe some puppies.

Mariah Carey recently told the press that she does have her wedding dress, and in the new clip, we catch a glimpse of what might possibly be it, a beaded, low-cut, body-hugging gown, with a long, traditional veil. She previously noted that she wouldn’t be wearing white since it is her third marriage, but according to Mariah’s World, she may have changed her mind.