Crazy Marriage Proposal: Egyptian Bride Held at Gunpoint

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Crazy Marriage Proposal: Egyptian Bride Held at Gunpoint
Mon 14-03-2016

Marriage proposals are one of the most important memories and moments that couples love to cherish and remember for ever, and this groom decided to create something that his bride will never forget.

A video of a crazy marriage proposal in Egypt has gone viral on social media in the last few days.

It all starts when Mina, the boyfriend, decides to go out with his girlfriend Merna for a drive in the car.

What Merna didn't know is that Mina's friends and hers as well are arranging for a prank that will lead to a marriage proposal.

A black SUV asks Mina to pull over to check his flat tire, and couple of masked men take Merna as a hostage and cover her eyes while Mina finishes the final touches for the proposal.

Then he reveals himself for her and proposes while their friends clap and share this joyous moment with them.