Dalia El Behery's Wedding Details

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Dalia El Behery's Wedding Details
Thu 29-12-2016

Egyptian actress Dalia El Behery got married for the second time.

The actress celebrated her marriage on Saturday at one of the top hotels in Cairo, surrounded by close friends and family.

Dalia still has not revealed the name of identity of her groom.

Dalia explained that she did not agree to get married to her second husband until her daughter from her previous marriage fully accepted the idea.

Hairstylist Osama Darwish shared some pictured of Dalia on his Instagram account.

Dalia who is 46 got married to Saeed Jamil and had one daughter Khadija who passed away, she then married Farid Al Murshidi and had one daughter with him as well, before he passed away in a car accident.