Delightful Destinations For Your Honeymoon at BRIDE Dubai

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Delightful Destinations For Your Honeymoon at BRIDE Dubai
Wed 27-01-2016

From the heavenly week long escape to a private island complete with massages, pampering, and a private Jacuzzi, to the traditional welcoming reception surrounded by rose petals, with a horse drawn carriage, your honeymoon is the chance to live out your fairytale and be with your loved one before embarking on married life.

It is time to decide on the location, 24% of marriages are destination weddings and the average budget for a destination wedding is $28,000 so it is time to get planning and start saving!

You have just tied the knot with your soulmate and married life awaits, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived, it is finally time to plan your honeymoon.

Don’t leave it too late; did you know each weekend an average of 44,230 weddings take place? Make sure to get your dream venue before someone else does. What is the budget? 62% of couples pay for most of their honeymoon on their own, so time to look after the coins! As exciting as this time may be you want to ensure you pick the perfect destination, with the perfect weather for your perfect man.

Finding the ideal destination isn’t as easy as you think, which is why you may need a helping hand. Hawaii is currently the ultimate destination for couples to date, how does a flower garland and a fresh pineapple sound?  Are you going to get married in a holy building? Currently only 33% of weddings take place in a religious institution. Are you looking for romantic walks amongst sand dunes in Goa? Or perhaps cosy cuddles in a chalet surrounded by snow in Switzerland? Destination couples spend $8,200 on average on their honeymoon, that's more than one-third more than traditional wedding couples!

Weave together the greatest celebration of love by exploring the options with a honeymoon expert. BRIDE Show has hand selected the perfect mix of travel and honeymoon destinations for the 2016 show.