Did Gwen Stefani Propose to Blake Shelton?

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Did Gwen Stefani Propose to Blake Shelton?
Thu 24-03-2016

As Gwen Stefani begins her role as Blake Shelton’s mentor on The Voice, lots of fans are wondering about their future together.

The couple didn't make their official appearance as a couple until Season 9 of "The Voice".

And in July 2015, Shelton and Miranda Lambert ended their marriage, then few weeks later, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce.

Ever since Shelton and Stefani declared their relationship to the media, rumors have been following them everyday.

The most recent rumor is that Gwen proposed to Shelton during a romantic dinner and Shelton said 'yes'.

No one can confirm these rumors till Stefani or Shelton go out to the public and confirm it.