Dina Reveals Reasons Behind Her Divorce

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Dina Reveals Reasons Behind Her Divorce
Thu 14-12-2017

Famous Egyptian belly dancer Dina appeared in an interview with Lebanese TV host Rabiaa Zayyat on Ahla Zanat.

During the interview، Dina discussed many topics including، her work، and her many divorces because of dancing، citing that "her son، Ali، loves her and respects her profession a lot."

The dancer expressed her lack of confidence from lasting of her current marriage، which lasted 8 years، saying that "her current husband is a strong and acceptable man، but who knows what can happen with us after a month?"

Rabia zayyat announced on her Instagram account that what was circulated through some Lebanese news sites about the divorce after filming the episode with her is true."Immediately after the episode، Dina was divorced from her husband as she told me later، the main reason is dancing" she captioned.