Divorce Rumors Surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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Divorce Rumors Surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Fri 01-04-2016

Angelina Jolie has been facing some rumors regarding her health, following her super thin appearance lately, many have questioned her future with husband Brad Pitt.

While Brad Pitt continues to fight reports that he’s trying to get with Cara Delevingne, it now appears as though Pitt has given Jolie an ultimatum. 

According to International Business Times, Pitt is tired of dealing with Jolie’s weight loss. While he’s tried to get her to eat healthy, his failed efforts have put a lot of strain on the couple. Now, the World War Z star has given her an ultimatum: either she gets healthy or he’s filing for divorce.

“Brad has done everything to get Angie to focus on her health…. He’s watched in despair as Angie sometimes goes all day without eating,” an insider explained to National Enquirer.

“The kids see Angie’s hair loss and how sickly she looks, and it scares them to their core. They’ve asked Brad if Mommy is going to die. He tells them, no, that their mother went to the doctor to fix things so she won’t die,” the insider stated. “But it’s a frightening time for them. Until Angie gets serious about her health, her kids — as well as Brad — live in fear that she’ll be dead within a few years!”

That being said, Rumor Fix is reporting that there is no truth behind the idea that Pitt and Jolie are headed for a divorce. Although Jolie’s thin appearance cannot be denied, an insider told the outlet that the reports are nothing more than rumors.