Elissa Speaks About Her Current Relationship

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Elissa Speaks About Her Current Relationship
Wed 01-06-2016

Lebanese superstar Elissa told Laha magazine that she has no problem with her boyfriend being from a different religion to her, because what matters most is his "great love and respect" for her.

Elissa said: "I don't know where our relationship will lead to; it can go anywhere."

"I'm in love... for now, and if my relationship eventually leads to marriage then I will be the first to announce it. For now, I'm in love, happy and joyful."

The 43-year-old diva's views on life and love have changed over the past decade, according to her.

"I'm in my forties now; I've matured and I'm more aware of my surroundings. Today's me is different to 10-years-ago me, which affects and changes the way I look at things, especially when it comes to relationships."

"I'm much more mature now and can understand the person I'm with better than I was ever able to before. If he's nice to me then I treat him in the same manner."

"Life experience has made me much more aware and cautious, perhaps that's why this could be one of my most mature relationships yet."

Source: Al Bawaba