Engagement Cancelled Over Fake Eyelashes

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Engagement Cancelled Over Fake Eyelashes
Sun 10-04-2016

Saudi newspapers have been sharing this strange news.

An engagement party got canceled over fake eyelashes, but the odd thing is that the fake eyelashes were not for the bride but for the groom!

A joke between the groom and his brothers turned into a disaster, and had the bride's family kick him out of the venue.

The men dared the groom to wear fake eyelashes on his engagement party, and the groom accepted the challenge.

No one seemed to notice the eyelashes until the brother of the bride noticed them, once he got closer to see the eyelashes, the groom instantly took them off.

The groom explained to his brother-in-law that it was just a joke between him and his male brothers and friends, but the brother did not accept this and said it was disrespectful.

The bride's father then kicked him out of the party and canceled the engagement.