Eva Longoria Wants a Big Fat Mexican Wedding

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Eva Longoria Wants a Big Fat Mexican Wedding
Thu 07-01-2016

Actress Eva Longoria wants a “big fat mexican wedding” when she marries Baston.

The star became engaged to the Mexican businessman on December 13 during a romantic break in Dubai, but Eva Longoria insists it’s too soon to think about her third big day, despite reports suggesting she is already making plans.

“We haven’t even discussed it. I’m still in the glow of the engagement. I’m still applauding him for how beautiful and amazing it was, then we’ll talk about the big fat Mexican wedding,” she said.

“It was such a surprise. It was in Dubai, in the desert… I didn’t expect it there… One hundred per cent surprised me, He’s very romantic and sweet and kind and so he put a lot of effort into it and it was very memorable. There were camels present, a bird… A lot of animals were involved in our engagement.”