George Clooney Reveals How He Proposed to Amal Alamuddin

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George Clooney Reveals How He Proposed to Amal Alamuddin
Wed 17-02-2016

George Clooney was recently on the Ellen Degeneres show and spoke about his wedding and marriage proposal to Amal.

“I plotted the whole thing out. Had the ring hidden behind her, I had music playing. My Aunt Rosemary’s gonna sing, ‘Why Shouldn’t I’ — everything was planned out,” said the actor, who even cooked up a special meal for Amal.

When she returned home, the two ate, and when it came time for the ultimate question, Clooney prompted Amal to reach into the box that held the ring. Her reaction was only: “It’s a ring.” After 25 minutes of Clooney leading her to the conclusion, Amal finally realized it was a proposal.

Clooney, always quick with wisecracks, said, “Look, you know, I hope the answer is yes. But I need an answer because I’m 52, and I could throw out my hip pretty soon if I don’t get an answer.”

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