George Clooney Speaks About Pregnancy Rumors

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George Clooney Speaks About Pregnancy Rumors
Sat 30-01-2016

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been facing many rumors lately. The first rumor is that Amal is pregant, while the other one is that the couple is heading to a divorce!

But George Clooney has addressed the new pregnancy rumors, while attending the Good Money Gala in Amsterdam recently and while on media row, he was of course, making the rounds.

George Clooney was asked about the rumor that Amal was pregnant and the couple was going to have a child.

The 54-year-old actor laughed, put a big smile on his face, and just looked at the ground for a second. 

“No. But I like that you started that rumor.” George said his wife has a very busy schedule working nights as a human rights lawyer and stated that she has actually had a very “successful week.”

“The president of the Maldives was let out of prison, because of a lot of the hard work that she was doing. She’s had a very good week.”

Source: Inquisitr