The Golden Circle and Brilliant New B.Zero1 By Bulgari

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The Golden Circle and Brilliant New B.Zero1 By Bulgari
Mon 11-01-2016

Since its first creation at the end of the last century in 1999, the B.zero1 collection has never stood still.

This timeless classic has put on stamp on urban modernity with its dynamic design and unmistakable character. A striking idea for this collection was planted in the mind of Bulgari jewellers almost twenty years ago, where it grew and waited patiently.

Now in a special tribute to the brilliance of precious metals, the B.zero1 “Perfect Mistake” is ready to make its mark on history.

It all began with the notion to ring in the new millennium with  a distinctive collection that would  celebrate the contemporary spirit of the times but also pay homage to the centuries of history that came before. Three special designs were dreamt up to embody a timeless modernity, to be a true revolutionary classic.

And so the bold new B.zero1 ring was born. A statement in yellow gold, the ring represents a perfectly balanced geometric form echoing the ancient structure of the Roman Colosseum. The tubogas inspired spiral is enclosed by two flat rings with the iconic BVLGARI-BVLGARI logo engraved upon each side. The tremendous success of B.zero1 in the years that followed proves there is great beauty in flawless simplicity.


But what about the other two jewellery concepts submitted in 1999? One of the visions had been for a ring so stretched to the limit that it became a bracelet design, exploratory and radical, yet delicate and sexy. And the final idea was an interpretation on the original B.zero1 ring, it’s design concept was so strong that Bulgari jewellers held on to it for many years. Today in the perfect tribute to past and present, contemporary and classic, the B.zero1 “Perfect Mistake” was created.

Over time, a variety of innovative materials have been used in the B.zero1 Collection – from marble, to ceramic, to diamonds and coloured semi-precious stones. The latest addition to the signature collection is an audacious trio of precious metals. True to Bulgari’s daring Italian design, and distinctive use of colour, the combination of white, yellow, and pink gold in a singular piece is striking and innovative.

Each of the coloured metals used has a significant place in Bulgari’s history and casts a loop of legacy around the wearer. During the 1920s and 30s, white gold was the predominant metal used in fine jewellery making. Usually paired with diamonds, glittering pieces were created in the ornate tradition of the French schooling. However, due to wartime restrictions in the 1940s a prohibition was placed on using white gold and so jewellers turned to yellow gold to create their masterpieces.

What set Bulgari apart at the time was that once the war ended the Italian jewellers decided to keep using yellow gold – so much so that by the 1950s Bulgari had become the definitive master of this metal. While yellow gold remains a favourite and is one of Bulgari’s celebrated codes, there has been a growing trend in recent years in the use of the warm and luscious pink gold. The B.zero1 “Perfect Mistake” collection revels in the beauty  of these three golds.

The B.zero1 “Perfect Mistake” needs no occasion to stand on ceremony, its uninhibited splendour stands alone. Whether a gift to signify enduring limitless love, despite the adversities faced, or simply to declare oneself as a revolutionary classic, one thing is for certain – the B.zero1 wearer perfectly embodies Bulgari’s bold spirit and boundless passion.