Groom Divorces Bride After Seeing Her With No Makeup

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Groom Divorces Bride After Seeing Her With No Makeup
Thu 10-11-2016

According to happyghana  a woman from Mpumalanga, was divorced by her husband when he saw her ‘natural face’ without makeup for the first time during their honeymoon.

Apparently the groom had never seen the wife without any makeup before and could barely recognise her after they both swim whilst enjoying their honeymoon in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The grounds for divorce was ‘Deception’  as the groom felt he had been deceived by the woman into marrying her by masking her face with heavy makeup, he believes his 35 year-old bride did not look as beautiful as before her wedding. The groom said without the wife’s makeup is like being married to a different woman.

Reports from the consultant psychologist, Dr Molapo, is that his clinic received a request from the woman to help her overcome her psychological suffering after her divorce.