Groom Finds Bride Dead After Wedding Day

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Groom Finds Bride Dead After Wedding Day
Mon 23-05-2016

A poor groom has been made a widower in less than a day after he found his new bride dead in bed the morning after their wedding. 

Newly-wed Mariola Michalowski, 38, died in her sleep just hours after she married her 32-year-old husband Krzysztof, known as Kris by his friends and family. 

The couple, originally from Poland, had two young children together, and had only finished celebrating at their wedding reception hours before Mrs Michalowski's untimely death. 

Following the tragedy, well-wishers have donated more than £6,000 to Mr Michalowski to help him meet the costs of paying for the wedding and his wife's funeral. 

Devastated groom Krzystof Michalowski who woke up the day after his Friday the 13th wedding to find his bride Mariola lying dead in bed next to him. 

Mrs Michalowski had a history of epilepsy, although the cause of her death, last Friday, is not yet known.

Her husband is understood to have found her in bed at their home in Richmond, North Yorkshire, after leaving the room briefly to feed their baby. 

Richmond Registry Office, where Mr Michalowski was forced to return to sign his wife's death certificate two days after marrying her.