Hayley Paige’s New Collection Arrives ​in Dubai

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Hayley Paige’s New Collection Arrives ​in Dubai
Tue 10-10-2017

She’s been dominating the bridalsphere, the Queen B of embellished backs, removable skirts, avant-garde fabric and modern silhouettes. Designer Hayley Paige and Blush by Hayley Paige are found exclusively in Dubai at the Bridal Showroom.

The designer’s dresses are all about charm, statement looks and floral strokes. Gowns that dance to their on rhythm and flattering silhouettes to make any bride go ga-ga for the dresses. Her love for novelty fabrics is at the heart of her designs, textiles that look like garden frosting and graphics that make her dresses works of art.

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Why is Hayley Paige the most talked about bridal designer today?

She doesn’t play it safe, challenging the classic waist sash and replacing it with edgy boleros and statement accessories. Creating interchangeable dresses that go from floor length dresses to short and sexy numbers for the after party, long sleeve lace covers to sweet hear strapless gowns.

Hayley Paige brides are the perfect mix of whimsy and romantic. They know how to have fun, have fashion forward elegance and femininity.


And now a new season, a new line up of Hayley Paige dresses full of gorgeous wedding dresses from glittering sparkle details to feathers.

"One of our most popular in demand designer is Hayley Paige, why? Because brides want one thing, which is to wear a dress that will make them shimmer and shine. Attracting the unicorn brides of Dubai with her vibrant, youthful vibe and a kick of edginess. When asked to describe her dream bride, Hayley Paige answers “. . . she's got a chic sense of humor and the hustle of a wild flower”," says The Bridal Showroom.


For her spring 2018 wedding dress collection, she designs with "lightening in a bottle" as her overall inspiration. "Imagine Ginger Rogers dancing to the bongo drums somewhere in black Rock City during a stand storm," she says. Fabricated with "flickers of scintillation and palpable textures," Paige says her newest wedding dresses are "scrumptiously decorative".