Hussein Fahmy Divorces for The 6th Time

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Hussein Fahmy Divorces for The 6th Time
Tue 13-09-2016

Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy divorced his 6th wife, millionairess Rana al Qasabi. 

Rana, who is visually-impaired, claimed that Fahmy has kicked her out of their marital home and prohibited her from returning for any of her personal belongings. 

She has filed a police report against the actor and demanded that he hires a personal assistant to take care of her due to her visual impairment.

Rana isn't the only ex-wife to have suffered after divorcing Fahmy. His ex-wife, TV host Lujain Omran, said that "marrying Hussein Fahmy was the biggest mistake of my life. I'm still living with the consequences of our divorce and haven't received my entire entitlements to this day.".

Source: Al Bawaba