Indian Bride Embroidered Her Love Story Onto Her Wedding Dress

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Indian Bride Embroidered Her Love Story Onto Her Wedding Dress
Wed 29-06-2016

A talented bride to be, has always dreamt of designing her own wedding dress.

The bride, Kresha Bajaj, is a designer for her own clothing brand called Koecsh.

Leading up to her February wedding to Vanraj Zaver at The Leela Palace in Udaipur, India, Kresha Bajaj finally got the chance to create her own wedding dress.

One of the most striking pieces she created for the occasion was a wedding lehenga, or long skirt, which she embroidered with their love story. 

“I knew that this lehenga was going to be white and gold but I wanted it to have my signature designs whilst still being traditional,” the bride wrote in a blog post.

“There’s a pattern in the middle of the lehenga which looks like chevron, but is actually a repeat of our names written in zari thread,” the bride explained.


“Each kali (or panel) has a frame which depicts milestone moments from our life. So as you go around the lehenga from left to right, you can see our entire story unfold.”

For instance, she embroidered the bottom hem with jumping dolphins because the couple’s love story began at a protest against the captivity of marine mammals. 

A close-up of a scene from the couple’s proposal in the Maldives.


Because Bajaj knew she wouldn’t have a chance to wear the garment again, she decided to have it framed and hung in her home in Mumbai after the wedding was over.