Indian Bride Stuns in a Unique Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress

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Indian Bride Stuns in a Unique Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress
Sat 02-04-2016

Sylvia Santhilakshmi Charles grew up in the US but when she got engaged she wanted to pay honor to her Indian heritage on her wedding day.

The couple invited their guests for a December wedding weekend at the Kumarakom Lake Resort, where they tied the knot on a boat—and Sylvia stunned in a blue and embroidered Claire Pettibone gown that will make you swoon.

Sylvia's parents recently relocated to India, where the bride often traveled as a young girl. "I have incredibly fond memories of going to India every summer to my mother's village in South India," she says. "It's like going back in time."

"I wanted an American gown that still had an Indian feel, and wouldn't feel out of place among the palm trees, South Indian wood and carvings, and that would fit with the colorful vibes of South India," she says about her very unique choice.


Sylvia knew a Claire Pettibone gown would be the perfect choice for her after trying on one of the designer's dresses at local bridal salon. But that dress wasn't quite right—and neither were the dresses Sylvia donned at the designer's flagship Los Angeles store. One trunk show later, and the bride saw Claire Pettibone's new Notre Dame dress and was hooked.


"I was was enthralled by the intricacies of the back detail, the colorful beading, the lace," Sylvia says. "I always wanted to be different than the norm during my wedding week—and a black and blue dress was certainly different!"