Indian Family Burns Dark Skinned Bride

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Indian Family Burns Dark Skinned Bride
Fri 10-06-2016

The Telegraph reports on Thursday that Somera Bibi, an Indian bride, was immolated by the family of her husband because her skin was too dark. The family allegedly wants not only the husband to marry a fairer skin woman for a new bride but more money from Somera’s family.

The dowry that Somera’s family paid to her in-laws was $1,950 and a farmland as compensation for her dark skin tone. But the in-laws wanted more and were demanding an additional $4,874 but Somera’s family has become broke with the first dowry.

The couple fought on June 3 and the husband, mother-in-law and three brothers-in-law locked Somera in a room, poured kerosene on the 22-year-old woman, lit a fire and left her to die. When neighbours in Parun Village heard her screams and saw smoke, they rushed to rescue the burning woman.