Indian Politician Gets 44 Thousand Marriage Proposals on WhatsApp

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Indian Politician Gets 44 Thousand Marriage Proposals on WhatsApp
Sun 30-10-2016

Deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav, Bihar’s most eligible bachelor, is currently caught in a strange problem!

Yadav who is younger son of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad has received more than 44,000 marriage proposals on a WhatsApp contact number that he issued in July this year.

“Out of 47,000 messages received on his number, 44,000 were personal messages proposing marriage to Yadav. Only 3,000 were related to road repairs,” said a government official.

According to authorities, quite many girls from across the country sent him their full personal details, such as their clan, academic qualifications and family background. “Mine clan is greater than you yet I’m ready to marry you,” read one of the messages.

Ever since he issued his WhatsApp number last week to help the villagers get better roads, Yadav has been flooded with “love messages”, leaving him an embarrassing situation. Tejashwi also holds the road construction portfolio.

Authorities said the idea behind releasing the WhatsApp number by the deputy CM was to give people an option to send photographs of their roads to get them quickly repaired by the department concerned. But, now it is proving to be a big headache for the minister who himself has admitted this problem in his tweet.

“Thank God, I’m not married. My sister is worried about this,” the minister has tweeted. In addition to being the deputy CM, Yadav also holds the portfolio of the road construction department and that prompted him to issue the WhatsApp number to receive any complaints about the condition of roads in his state so that they could be instantly repaired.

Source: Gulf News