Jessy Abdo Opens Up About Her Divorce and Love Life

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Jessy Abdo Opens Up About Her Divorce and Love Life
Sun 12-06-2016

Lebanese actress Jessy Abdo spoke about lovers from her past.

The Lebanese beauty said in an interview that she got married at 17 against her parents' will. However, the marriage ended up with her and her ex-husband going their separate ways, while remaining good friends.

The marriage only lasted two years - all the while her relationship with her parents was almost non-existent - and she was extremely happy to move back in with her parents as she "wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility yet."

But a failed marriage was not as heartbreaking as what Jessy experienced after her divorce.

The starlet said that soon after her divorce she lost a boyfriend to a horrific car accident. Jessy said that the accident left him in a coma and he sadly passed away a week later.

Jessy said that she met her late boyfriend at her friend's birthday party.

In Jessy's words: "I'm only 24-years-old, but I've the experience of a 40-year-old woman because of what I've been through."

Source: Al Bawaba