Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Finally Settle Divorce

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Finally Settle Divorce
Tue 17-01-2017

Actor Johhny Depp and model Amber Heard have finally settled their divorce.

A Los Angeles judge said he’d had enough and, "If Amber and Johnny want to be divorced, they should just be divorced."

The judge refused further requests from both sides that could have delayed the final divorce.

Johnny Depp had wanted Heard to pay a $100,000 sanction claiming she had delayed the proceedings, while Amber Heard had wanted to renegotiate the $7 million settlement and make Johnny Depp sit for a deposition.

Amber Heard’s attorney Pierce O’Donnell told the New York Post, "It is a great day, all Amber wanted was to be divorced and now she is. In the words of Gerald Ford, ’Our long national nightmare is over.’"

Amber Heard filed for divorce in May after 15 months of marriage and days later, obtained a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp.

She said in court filings that Johnny Depp was abusive to her throughout their marriage, culminating in an argument in May in which he threw a mobile phone into her face and broke various objects in her apartment, Sky News reported.

Source:The West