Kaka and Caroline Celico to Divorce

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Kaka and Caroline Celico to Divorce
Mon 10-11-2014

Brazilian football superstar Kaka, announced this week through his official representative that he and his wife of 9 years, Caroline Celico, are divorcing.

The text, published in both English and Portuguese, reads as follows:

"We would like to make public that, after nine years together, we have commonly agreed to divorce.Our marriage has given us two beautiful children whom we love so dearly. In light of the important ties we’ll continue to have, the respect, gratitude, and admiration for one another remains mutually intact.We ask for your sympathy and understanding to preserve our privacy in such moment of change."

The couple married in 2005, when Kaká was 23 and Caroline was 18, and have two children: Luca, aged six, and Isabella, aged three.

Rumors of their separation first surfaced in June this year, with competing reports of infidelity from both sides, but they publicly denied these reports and were seen in public together as recently as October 25th.