Kate Winslet Denies She is Pregnant

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Kate Winslet Denies She is Pregnant
Thu 03-03-2016

Rumor has it that Kate Winslet is pregnant! But earlier this week, the actress shut down these rumors.

It turns out that Kate Winslet's pregnancy have been a big misunderstanding.

Fans were thought that Kate was expecting because of a photo that was taken at the Oscars earlier this week.

Actresses Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson were seen excitedly touching Kate’s stomach which led to her pregnancy rumors.

A source close to the actress insisted that she “is NOT pregnant but was actually letting her friends feel the beautiful fabric of the dress”.

The actress denies the rumors and told the paparazzi: “I'm 100 per cent NOT".

Source: Womansday