Is Keith Urban Nicole Kidman's Marriage About To End?

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Is Keith Urban Nicole Kidman's Marriage About To End?
Tue 05-01-2016

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's marriage is facing rumors that it could be ending?

Eespecially after Nicole Kidman was not their next to her husband's side during the funeral of his father, Robert Urban.

But the actress insisted in a recent interview that her marriage to the "American Idol" judge is not in trouble:

"Any time you have a chance at something again is good, but each combination of people is different," she told the Evening Standard last month.

The "Photograph 51" actress and "American Idol" judge were reportedly constantly fighting these days and the Oscar-winning actress has been "too busy" with her career to even attend the funeral service of her father-in-law. Despite gossip of constant fights, the Nicole and Keith were purportedly trying their hardest to make their marriage work as told by Closer Weekly.

According to the report, the country singer was seemingly understanding with his wife despite her absence on his father's funeral.

"She is committed to her work," an insider told the source above about Nicole.

"Keith loves that about her. He is very forgiving."

At the time of the funeral last month, The Daily Telegraph also mentioned that Nicole Kidman did not attend the funeral of Keith Urban's dad because she was "too grief-stricken" and not because of rumored marriage troubles. The Oscar-winning actress' father died last year as well. 

Source: Youth Health Magazine