Kid Rock and Longtime Girlfriend Audrey Berry Are Engaged

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Kid Rock and Longtime Girlfriend Audrey Berry Are Engaged
Wed 12-04-2017

Kid Rock, an American singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor, and his longtime girlfriend, Audrey Berry, are engaged to be married, multiple sources have confirmed to Detroit's Free Press.

The two quietly got engaged earlier this year, according to people close to the Detroit star, and fans spotted Berry with a big, can't-miss diamond ring during this Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most cruise this past weekend.

Rock and Berry have been a tight item for years since meeting in suburban Detroit a couple of years after the dissolution of Rock's marriage to Pamela Anderson.

Rock and the "Baywatch" star divorced in 2007, just months after their private wedding in the south of France.

Unlike the high-profile romances that marked the early years of his career, Rock has deliberately maintained a wall of privacy around his relationship with Berry.

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