The Launch of The World's Longest Lasting Perfume

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The Launch of The World's Longest Lasting Perfume
Mon 20-06-2016

Forever Rose have announced the launch of the longest lasting perfume!

For those who surrender to the scent of a rose, Forever Rose continues to inspire passion with the launch of its exclusive range of the world's longest lasting Forever Oud fragrances, Bella, Adam, 88 and Love Rose, in conjunction with the opening of its brand new Forever Rose boutique in City Walk Dubai on June 1st.

Lasting on the skin for up to nine hours and on clothing for up to three weeks, the new Forever Oud range is deep, spicy and exotic, and made with pure first grade oud. 

Derived from the world’s best quality raw materials, Forever Rose’s collaboration with the most renowned noses in the perfume and fragrance industry has lead to the creation of this bespoke range of luxury scents.