Liali Launches New Claudia Romano Collection

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Liali Launches New Claudia Romano Collection
Fri 09-09-2016

Liali, region’s fine jewellery brand has recently launched the charming Claudia Romano’s collection across its stores in the region.

Bringing together technology and old world artisanship, Claudia Romano’s designs are a breath-taking result of innovation, evolution and discovery.

The highlight of the collection is the unique black, gold and rust tinges that make bespoke impressions on an impressive array of designs.


Be it stylishly intertwined bunch of tiny flowers that form a pendant or the large dangling earrings that make for a statement making piece; the new range encompasses different collections of unconventional luxury blending seamlessly with an unmistakable Italian flavour.

The varied hues of gold play for a joyfully pretty inspiration in almost all of the creations as glistening petals and impressive leafy imprints bring about a unique charm to the collection.


The Claudia Romano brand marries old world tradition with contemporary designs and channels the typical standards and elements of Made in Italy. The finest precious metals with rare gemstones are designed by the world’s best craftspeople into jewellery of enduring quality and beauty.


Embrace the new season with this gorgeous selection of Claudia Romano collection available exclusively at Liali. Prices start from AED 1800.