Lina Qishawi Announces Breakup From Mohammad Assaf

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Lina Qishawi Announces Breakup From Mohammad Assaf
Fri 12-02-2016

TV host Lina Qishawi and Arab Idol star Mohammad Assaf announced their engagement a few months ago.

But it looks like the couple did not make it till their wedding day.

Lina Qishawi recently shared on her Facebook account the news of her breakup from Mohammad Assaf.

Rumors started when Lina was not by Mohammad Assaf's side on the premier of his movie in Lebanon.

Mohammad Assaf's mother commented that the couple's relationship was not going well from the beginning, and that Lina is always doing everything without taking Mohammad's opinion.

According to some reports, Mohammad was against Lina following her career.

Lina shared the news on her Facebook explaining the news.