Mai Ezzedine Opens Up About Marriage and Divorce

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Mai Ezzedine Opens Up About Marriage and Divorce
Wed 03-02-2016

Egyptian actress Mai Ezzedine was recently interviewed by Raghda Shalhoub on her program 100 Questions.

The actress opened up about marriage and divorce in her life.

Raghda asked Mai Ezzedine about her love life and her opinion on civil marriage, and marrying someone with a different religion.

Mai Ezzedine explained that she is a very traditional woman and will not get married in civil ceremony.

Mai explained that she respects all  opinions but she wants to marry someone who lives the same lifestyle as her and has the same religion as her as well.

The star also revealed that she is currently single, but she still has some feeling for someone she broke up with, and will not get into a new relationship unless she is completely over him.

Mai Ezzedine also opened up about her parents' divorce and explained that this is not reason why she is single.

Mai also expressed that she worries it will be too late for her to have children if she get married later on in her life.