Man Proposes with 25 Iphone Xs

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Man Proposes with 25 Iphone Xs
Sun 12-11-2017

Chen Ming, a young video-game designer from Shenzen, China, bought 25 brand new iPhone X smartphones and arranged them in a heart shape to propose to his girlfriend.

To pull of the over-the-top marriage proposal, Chen Ming pre-ordered 25 iPhone Xs, and, on November 3, when the newest Apple handheld officially launched in China, he arranged them all in the shape of a heart on a bed of red rose metals, with an engagement ring in the middle. To make sure that his girlfriend didn’t suspect a thing, Chen enlisted the help of her friends, asking them to bring her to the specified location of the surprise.

When the unsuspecting girlfriend Lee arrived and saw the lavish display of luxury phones and Chen down on his knee holding the engagement ring, she couldn’t help but be touched by his romantic gesture and accepted his marriage proposal. But why 25 Iphone Xs? The number was reportedly meant to symbolize Lee’s age.

The couple decided that 25 is a bit too much for one person, so they gifted them to the friends that helped pull off the unique proposal.