Mariah Carey is Planning a Triple Wedding

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Mariah Carey is Planning a Triple Wedding
Tue 09-02-2016

Mariah Carey is reportedly planning the biggest celebrity wedding yet! 

According to reports the star will be boasting three ceremonies! Including one where she'll be married by Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

The singer is engaged to billionaire businessman James Packer, who popped the question with a $5.7 million ring in January.

"She wants the biggest wedding in history. She has every intention of playing the 'billion dollar bride' and James has given her an unlimited budget," an insider told Britain's Heat magazine.

"The first wedding will be in Australia. They'll fly everyone to Sydney by private jet and then close off several nearby beaches. Mariah wants one room filled with desserts and another filled with lobster flown from Maine. Then, there will be a wedding in Disneyland, California, where vows will be overseen by Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Mariah will stay in the exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite, where she'll be treated to a white-chocolate Cinderella carriage and the toilet is an actual golden throne."

"The Disney wedding is going to be like nothing Hollywood's ever seen," the source said. "Mariah wants Beyonce, Kanye West, Michael Buble, Elton John and Prince to do a small set. She's also planning to fly the New York Symphony in to play while she walks down the aisle, and there will be performances from Cirque de Soleil, plus fireworks spelling out their names across the sky."

"That'll be followed by a final ceremony in Las Vegas, where they're going to take over Caesars Palace," the source told Heat.

"Mariah wants staff to dress up as characters from Cleopatra's time, so guests will be served by handmaidens and looked after by gladiator guards."

Source: Stuff