Mariah Carey Updates Fans On Wedding

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Mariah Carey Updates Fans On Wedding
Thu 16-06-2016

Mariah Carey 's wedding day is going to be one special event.

The mother-of-two is set to marry Australian billionaire James Packer.

Mariah, who recently told Sharon Osbourne that she was on a tough diet ahead of her wedding day, told E! News that the dress has been bought!

“I have the dress... It's in a box, darling,” she said.

As for the wedding plans, the star revealed that they are well underway despite her busy schedule.

“We're getting it together, darling,” the Fantasy star said. “You know what? It's time. The dress and the whole thing. I'm working and he's working and everyone puts so much pressure.”

Nick Cannon recently insisted he just wants Mariah to be "happy" and denied reports he is holding up the divorce case.