Maya Nasri Shares Anniversary Message to Husband

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Maya Nasri Shares Anniversary Message to Husband
Sat 13-02-2016

Lebanese singer Maya Nasri shared a sweet message on social media.

The actress went to social media to wish her husband a happy wedding anniversary.

The couple has been married for 6 years.

In a sincerely written message, Maya told her other half, Egyptian director Ehab Lam'ie, "On this date, I wore white and looked beautiful for your eyes only... I stood in front of God and said 'I do' until death do us part."

"Six years have passed and today I'm a wife and a mother, carrying our two children in my arms and heart, and I stand in my small big kingdom in front of God, and I say it once again, 'I do' ... yes I'm yours until I die. I swear to you in front of God that I love you my king... Maya."

Source: Al Bawaba