New Website Released For Polygamy

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New Website Released For Polygamy
Sun 05-06-2016

Azad Chaiwala founded to help Muslim men find exactly that, but he says he’s seeing growing demand from women, non-Muslims and people seeking polygamous love in monogamous lands — like Canada.

“This is not a dating site,” says Azad Chaiwala, the founder and “It’s for people who are serious about marriage.”

So serious, in fact, that they want more of it. And that, Chaiwala says, includes about 3,600 Canadians as well as thousands of Britons, Americans, Australians and people from the Gulf States. Canada is now eighth on the country list of responders.

And, he adds, the service is not exclusively for Muslims, although the original site, founded in 2014, was aimed at them. After interest swelled, he launched the second site, “open to everyone.”

Chaiwala himself grew up in a monogamous British Muslim household of Pakistani background, and says he knew “at the age of 12” he wanted a polygamous future. When he married in 2005, “I let my wife and her family know how I felt. They were apprehensive, but they accepted it.”