Nick Cannon Opens Up About Divorce From Mariah Carey

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Nick Cannon Opens Up About Divorce From Mariah Carey
Wed 24-08-2016

It's been nearly two years since Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey divorced, but during his guest appearance on The Amber Rose Show on Friday, the comedian admitted he's still not completely over the heartbreaking split.

"We talking about breakups?" Cannon, 35, joked. "Aww, damn."

"The world has seen it!" Cannon continued when host Amber Rose asked him to discuss his worst breakup story.

"I'm not ready to be in a relationship," he later added. "I'm broken."

Cannon revealed, however, that despite their split, he and Carey, who is now engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, are "absolutely" still cool.

"I speak to her every single day," he explained. "Matter of fact, I gotta leave here and go pick up the kids."

Rose, who shares 3-year-old son Sebastian with her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, then chimed in on co-parenting, saying, "I don't know why people out there, they feel like it's so taboo. Me and Wiz are best friends. We hang out, we spend time with the baby."

Cannon said it's called "being mature," and praised Rose and Carey for being wonderful mothers.

"Amber is an amazing mother, so is Mariah, and when you see these women who have their own industries, their own empire, but they're the best mothers ever," he gushed. "They put everything off to the side, so even if a breakup occurs, that doesn't mean a child should suffer. If anything, the child should be lifted up during that time."

"You guys do it so well," he continued. "They gotta grow up in this, they didn't ask for this. Not only do they have to be in the public light, but then they have to deal with an unorthodox household so, we just, you know, make sure that they're happy and they understand unconditional love."