Nicole Kidman Donates Wedding Dress to Artist

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Nicole Kidman Donates Wedding Dress to Artist
Mon 05-06-2017

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is donating her Balenciaga wedding dress to an Australian exhibit, all for the sake of love.

The 49-year-old adorned an ivory-colored lace dress created by fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquiere when she married husband Keith Urban in 2006.

She is now giving the gown to an artist to feature it in an exhibition titled “Love.”

“I’m giving my wedding dress, the Balenciaga one that Nicolas Ghesquiere did for me, to an Australian exhibit called ‘Love.’ I’ll support anything that supports love. Truly. Isn’t it the essence of everything? It can heal so many things. Good love, sweet love, kind love, gentle love, powerful love,” she said.

“There are so many different forms of love, which then leads to loss, which then leads to all the primary emotions. We all know children who were raised with love. You can see them,” she added.

Nicoke Kidman believes “dreams” are attached to fashion, especially when they are presented in a format that takes your breath away.“There are dreams attached to fashion. When it’s presented in a way where you gasp, it just makes you feel good.”

Source:Arab News