Obama Criticized For Hiding His Wedding Ring

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Obama Criticized For Hiding His Wedding Ring
Sun 27-03-2016

President Barack Obama is being criticized for removing his wedding ring and putting it in his pocket as he meets and greets a group of Argentinian young people.

Some say that he appears to be worried they might rob him!

The US leader was all smiles as he visited an arts center in Buenos Aires with his bodyguards in town during his official visit to the south American country.

But the cameras captured a scene he would probably have preferred to keep private - the moment he takes a valuable ring thought to be his wedding band off his finger and put it into his trouser pocket during a round of handshakes.

He makes the move as one of his bodyguards approaches him from the left, sparking suggestions he received a gentle whisper in the ear from his security staff.

President Obama's wedding ring is said to be based on an intricate design he got from Indonesia where he grew up as a young boy.

Papers picked up last August on the fact he was spotted without his wedding ring several times in a week after returning from a flight to Africa.

Source: Daily Mail