Old Bride Walks The Street of Alexandria Without Groom

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Old Bride Walks The Street of Alexandria Without Groom
Mon 02-01-2017

Social media channels are sharing some unique pictures of an old Egyptian lady in her 60s.

The lady was spotted walking down the street of Alexandria in Egypt in a white wedding dress.

The 60 year old bride was walking the streets without a groom.

Many people felt sorry for the lady, which made some of the people in the street humor her and celebrate the fake wedding with her.

The lady also went to a wedding hall and booked it for 3 thousand pounds, but the wedding hall managers soon found out that there are no wedding guests.

The bride entered the wedding venue without a groom or wedding guests, she was only surrounded with some people who sympathized with her on the streets.

One of the young men even sat next to her on the Kosha and pretended to be the groom.

Authorities explained that the lady is mentally disturbed after her brother passed away and felt lonely.